We’re Migrating Our Services!

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

To Our Clients & Supporters:

We have prepared this letter to inform you that we are concluding operations on March 31st 2017. While we are saddened that the organization cannot go on, we are pleased to tell you that our work will be taken up by the North/West Vancouver branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).

As you know, we have shared space with CMHA for the past year. During this time we have developed a close relationship. CMHA values the work we do and understands the need for specialized services for people with bipolar disorder and their families. They are committed to continuing our programs which include Bipolar Peer Support Training, Balancing Bipolar Peer Support, Young Adult Support Group, Community Support Group and Family Education and Support Group. We believe that these programs will thrive under the CMHA umbrella and we are excited about the opportunities that are likely to result from this transition.

We’d also like to reassure you that staff will remain the same; our current team of peer supporters, support group facilitators, Peer Support Coordinator, Debbie Sesula, and Programs Manager, Elaina Moss, will continue to assure the ongoing development and delivery of our services. Below is our new contact information, starting April 3rd 2017:

Elaina email: elaina.moss@cmha.bc.ca

Debbie email: debbie.sesula@cmha.bc.ca

Phone: 604-987-6959

Fax: 604-980-0336

As we go through this transition, there may be some changes and adjustments. We will keep you informed through our websites bipolarcanada.org and vancouver.bipolarcanada.org. We thank you all, in advance, for your support and understanding during this time of transition.


The CBA Team

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no disruptions in services. Our support groups and peer support will continue as usual next week.

Visit CMHA website                                  Visit Bipolar Canada website