Balancing Bipolar Peer Support

We know how difficult it can be to deal with the ups and downs of bipolar disorder, and we have a program that can help.

Balancing Bipolar is a bipolar-specific peer support program serving the North Shore. We have recruited people who have developed effective self-management strategies for their bipolar disorder, and we have educated them in how to support someone who is struggling with the disorder.

One of our peer support workers could meet with you once per week for a 50 minute support session, assisting you in managing symptoms, setting and achieving goals, and attaining a higher level of functioning, enjoyment, and connection with your community. While these support workers are not therapists, there is therapeutic value in connecting with someone who truly understands the challenges of bipolar disorder and who can speak from personal experience about what approaches are helpful as you heal and reestablish a balanced, healthy life.

If you are interested in getting a peer supporter, please contact us by calling 604-987-6959 or emailing